Fundraising tips

So you are an official planker!

That’s great news. Now it’s time to shout it to the world and get your people supporting you. To get you started, just follow these easy steps:

1. Get personal

People love to see who they are donating to! Once you’ve registered, personalise your page with a profile picture and let everyone know why you are getting your PLANK on for Planktober. You will see that we have given you a suggested text as part of your fundraising page which you may choose to use or add to. Remember to use the PLANK it forward option at registration to challenge a friend to participate. Friendly rivalry is the best way to keep you committed!

2. Get social

Now it’s time to upload and spam (no that’s not right as we don’t endorse this kind of behaviour). We meant to say get social! Spread the positive news on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc and let your friends and followers know you are participating in PLANKTOBER to support Touched by Olivia. Don’t forget to check in with new and old friends and even try SMS – a personal message will help you reach your fundraising goals sooner. 

3. Get support

Just like sharing, Planking Partners double the fun! The more plankers we get the merrier!! Now’s your chance to reach out to your family, friends, colleagues and greater community and invite them to take part in the challenge with you.  It’s all about including everyone because EVERYBODY COUNTS. So encourage your crew to find a plank pose that works for them and away you can plank your way through Octobert! If that doesn’t get them over the line, then they can always show their support by simply donating instead. 

4. Get planked

Show you are committed to the cause with your donors by making a donation to yourself and asking them to match or double it. Just as EVERYBODY COUNTS, so too does every dollar! You may even find that your company/workplace does matched giving so be sure to check out what options are open to really maximise your efforts!  

5. Get proactive

Why not have some fun and mix things up! Use the PLANKTOBER calendar to double the fun by planking in fancy dress or with your pet. With themed days and prizes, planking has never been so fun! You could always add in your own incentives to get your donors dipping deeper into their pockets. What would they ‘pay to see’? The PLANKING POSSIBILITIES are endless!

6. Get grateful

Everyone loves to be thanked and it costs nothing! So, let your supporters know you appreciate their donation. Spread the love and give them a big thank you for helping you get closer to your goal.