About Planktober

It only takes 5 minutes a day!

#everybodycounts #planktober

Planktober is a fundraising initiative by Touched by Olivia to support the core of our society: our local communities. It is a social movement that communities are crying out for as people are looking for ways to re-connect and feel included.

The idea is simple. For the month of October, Touched by Olivia is asking people to raise money by planking – getting up on your elbow, pointing your toes and really building up your core!!  The funds raised will be applied towards the cost of building The LIVVIng Room, Five Dock, Sydney because......

  • there is a serious lack of inclusive workplaces in local communities
  • offering opportunities for people to come together, connect and share stories, is what builds belonging and inclusion
  • we are pasionate about fostering a connected and innovative ecosystem that can be replicated in other communities

Why are we doing this?

We want to see our communities fostering opportunities for everyone, particularly people who facing barriers and feel excluded, by advocating, educating and enabling better ways of doing things.   

TBO has a track record of creating vibrant places that bring communities together. We have built over 42 inclusive playspaces around Australia, which allow children of all abilities and their parents and carers to come together. 

Planktober is a fun and easy way to raise funds. Everyone can get involved. It also signals the start of a vital conversation. What do people want to see in their community, and how can we work more collaboratively to drive community connections and create a more inclusive environment?

"This is a movement that has to happen. We have no choice but to look after one another. Imagine the joy we can create if whole communities work together to bring our vision of a LIVVIng Room to life where everybody counts and everybody belongs. We've done this before with our playspaces, and we will do it again!", Justine Perkins, Founder of Touched by Olivia.