About Planktober

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It's like this cool movement led by the awesome sauce at Touched by Olivia. They're on a mission to make big changes with "The LIVVIng Room", a super cool cafe and hangout spot planned for construction in 2024 in Five Dock, Sydney. And guess what? This place isn't just any cafe. It's all about giving awesome people with disabilities work placements – the first cafe of its kind in this community.  But wait, there's more! The LIVVIng Room won't just be a cafe; it's a place where everyone can come together, connect, and be part of some cool community programs. 

Yep, you guessed it.  It’s going to be a spanking new social enterprise.  

Check out these important points:

- Inclusion and being connected are like the secret sauce for a rocking community.

- Feeling like you belong and having a purpose? That's like a golden ticket to better mental health.

- To really tackle social issues, we've gotta change how we think to make some real magic happen.

- People with disabilities sometimes have a tough time finding work or getting opportunities. It's time for a change!

- Social enterprises are like superheroes – they do better than other services and save some bucks too, but they need more love from the bigwigs.

- Communities that pop? It’s a big job and we all play a part. Creating a space where everyone fits in, no matter their differences – that's the shared goal!

- Imagine a world where everyone's included. Yep, that's the kind of world we're aiming for with The LIVVIng Room.

But hold on, there are some gaps we need to fill:

- Students with disabilities don't always get the chance for meaningful work experience, and things got even tougher after COVID.

- Graduates with disabilities? They deserve a fair shot at building skills and snagging great career opportunities too.

- Not everyone knows the challenges that people with disabilities face every day. Let's champion each other!

- Our communities need a boost of social connections. With less outreach, people can end up feeling pretty isolated, and that's not cool for mental health.

So, to turn the dream of creating The LIVVIng Room into a reality, we need some serious pull!  Enter “Planktober” - the fundraising campaign and the call to action!  It's not just fun and games, though it's plenty of that too. It's about leaving a lasting mark by tearing down those barriers that have kept people apart for too long. We're talking about making our communities stronger, happier, healthier, and more inclusive for everyone.

So WHY plank? 

Well, we're all about spreading the word and getting everyone on board with the awesome power of inclusion. You know, making sure everyone's in the loop and reaping the rewards of what we're calling The LIVVIng Room movement – a real game-changer for good vibes and positive changes in our social scene.  

Imagine this: we're getting teams together, setting goals and rallying for a better life for all. Yep, it's like we're kickstarting a cool chat that matters. Oh, and here's a cool twist – we're boosting everyone's mental mojo. No matter who you wangle into the mix, we guarantee you are all in for a treat. Because our lives can sometimes feel a bit disconnected, so good vibes and a strong sense of community spirit goes a long way.  

And guess what? We're rolling out the red carpet for people with disabilities. They've got skills and talents that deserve the spotlight. It's their time to shine.

So whether your community is a club, gym, workplace, business, school, then get your gang together and let’s start building bridges to make life better for all. We want to give everyone a smoother path to success – no one left behind!

So, there you have it – Planktober isn't just a challenge, it's a chance to make a real difference. Let's break down those barriers, tap into the awesome energy in your network, make some serious waves and cash, and build a world where everyone belongs. 

So, are you ready to be a champion of inclusion, join the fun, get planking, make an impact, and leave your mark for generations to come? Can we count on you? 

Let's do this! 

"This is a movement that has to happen. We have no choice but to look after one another. Imagine the joy we can create if whole communities work together to bring our vision of a LIVVIng Room to life where everybody counts and everybody belongs. We've done this before with our playspaces, and we will do it again!", Justine Perkins, Founder of Touched by Olivia.