About Touched By Olivia


You know what's really cool? Touched by Olivia! We're a kind hearted charity that's all about making the world a more inclusive and welcoming place. Back in 2006, we started in Sydney, and it wasn’t long before we were doing our thing of putting inclusion on the map all across Australia and even beyond.

You might've heard about our much loved Livvi's Place playgrounds – they're like the rockstars of inclusivity. Our pink flag of inclusion is flying around Australia with some 45 Livvi’s Place playgrounds putting smiles on families faces every day. But guess what? We're not stopping there. We're diving into all kinds of game changing stuff: like giving people with disabilities work, speaking up for what's right, spreading knowledge, making spaces and creating networks where everyone can feel at home.

The secret to our work is how we go about our day to day. See, we're all about gathering like-minded humans (we call them PLU’s - People Like Us) and teaming up to make magic happen! You’ve got to admit, bringing together good-hearted people to make a huge impact right in their own communities is pretty cool, right?

But it wasn’t always unicorns and rainbows. Touched by Olivia is a not for profit created in memory of Olivia Perkins. Olivia was only with us for a little while, but she sure left a lasting mark on so many hearts. She was born with a rare disease that sadly took her when she was just 8 months old. But her parents, they turned their grief into something pretty special and although it’s been a really difficult time coming to terms with their loss, it’s rewarding to see the positive impact Touched by Olivia is creating right around Australia and beyond.

You know what we're dreaming of? A world where everyone feels like they totally belong, no questions asked. We're talking about inclusion being the rule, not the exception. Why? 'Cause when people feel like they're part of the gang, it's like the magic ingredient for healthier, happier people and communities. So, let's make that dream a reality and let’s bring smiles, laughter and togetherness, where everyone matters and difference doesn’t. It’s what Olivia would’ve wanted!

And please swing by our website and take a peek. Who knows, you might just decide to hop on the train and join us on this game-changing adventure to make a world where everyone feels included and totally belongs. You’ll never look back.

The LIVVIng Room 

Imagine a world where everyone belongs

Overcoming social isolation

How we do it

  • Driving activities and programs that promote a sense of belonging
  • Creating conversations
  • Focusing on those at a disadvantage


How we do it

  • Building on our Livvi's Place heritage and expertise
  • Crafting community places
  • Expanding social enterprise cafes

Bringing people & organisations together

How we do it

  • Connecting providers and groups with a shared purpose
  • Forging community action networks
  • Moving fast to address community needs

Our values: Kindness - Agility - Action - Creativity