About Touched By Olivia


The Touched by Olivia Foundation was established in 2007 in memory of baby Olivia Perkins who passed away from a rare disease at 8 months old. Since that time, Touched by Olivia (TBO) has been changing lives by bringing communities together through play. With over 35 inclusive playspaces built across Australia in Olivia's memory, TBO knows what makes a community connect. In 2018, TBO’s dedication to inclusive play culminated in the NSW Government releasing a set of principles titled “Everyone Can Play” for councils to apply to all new and upgraded playspaces in NSW. As other States and Territories are following suit, TBO is proud to see more inclusive playspaces being built all around Australia. Adding to this success, TBO has now formed a partnership with Variety - The Children’s Charity NSW/ACT to help achieve its dream of ensuring that an inclusive playspace lives in every community within Australia. So keep an eye out for the jointly branded “Variety Livvi’s Place” coming to a community near you!

To further build upon Olivia’s legacy, TBO is continuing to keep inclusiveness at the heart of all it does. With a heightened focus on driving community connections, TBO is seeking support from like minded charities, government, corporates and changemakers to create a social movement to harness social capital and enhance local assets that strengthen community. Building on its social enterprise cafe concept coupled with community spaces, through this movement TBO will facilitate opportunities that enable and activate communities across a spectrum of ages, abilities, cultures and challenges that foster inclusiveness, connection and a sense of belonging. With this bottom up approach, social issues such as mental health, disability barriers, loneliness and social isolation can be addressed in a positive and sustainable way. Like the inclusive playspace model, this initiative will also be replicable, so by partnering with TBO, more communities across Australia will reap the benefits.

Planktober is TBO’s initiative to drive this social movement and really connect with community at its CORE. More plankers means more communities we can reach out to, and TBO is proud to announce its first community partners, "The City of Canada Bay" and charity "Let's Get Going".

TBO is really passionate about driving community connections to bring positive social change. Your support is essential in strengthening the CORE of our existence represented by the community in which we live.

Driving community connections

Overcoming social isolation

How we do it

  • Driving activities and programs that promote a sense of belonging
  • Creating conversations
  • Focusing on those at a disadvantage


How we do it

  • Building on our Livvi's Place heritage and expertise
  • Crafting community places
  • Expanding social enterprise cafes

Bringing people & organisations together

How we do it

  • Connecting providers and groups with a shared purpose
  • Forging community action networks
  • Moving fast to address community needs

Our values: Kindness - Agility - Action - Creativity