September - the month's countdown!

10 Sep - 3 weeks to go. Don’t forget to register! You could win a $100 Rebel voucher! 

11 Sep - Have you set up a challenge your friends or family? Or maybe a team is more your thing!

12 Sep - What’s your planking goal?

15 Sep - Who is in your team? Why not share a picture of your team

16 Sep - Watch out for some different ways to plank to help you practise your plank pose!

17 Sep - Geez, it’s getting warm outside. What better way to get ready for summer than signing up for PLANKTOBER

19 Sep - Getting closer to plank off day!

24 Sep - 7 days to go. Have you set your goal?

25 Sep - 6 days to go. Challenge your friends 

26 Sep - 5 days to go. How’s your fundraising going? 

27 Sep - 4 days to go

28 Sep - 3 days to go. We are getting down to the pointy end! Getting a little nervous? Check out some planking alternatives  - great for the youngies and not so young! We are inclusive of course!!

29 Sep - 2 days to go. It’s not too late to register and remember a $100 Rebel voucher could be yours just by registering!

30 Sep - 1 day to go. Planktober starts tomorrow. Are you ready to hit the floor?? Or the wall? Whatever your preferred plank pose - it all counts!

Start your engines - it's October

1 Oct - It’s time to get your plank on!! Your first plank and let's get started the fun way and kick off by planking with a pet!!

3 Oct - Each week we will be checking out who has made it to the planking podium.  Are you Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum?  Your name could be up in lights!  Today, let’s have some fun. It’s time to check out our plankplaylist @planktober on spotify

6 Oct - This one’s easy just to get you in the groove, it’s time to: Plank with a hat

8 Oct - Have you found your rhythm yet?  Inviting all plankers to share their planking song.  

9 Oct - let's start the week with some attitude and show us your best Plank Face

12 Oct - We’d love to hear some personal stories so why not share with us why you signed up to Planktober? 

14 Oct - This could be a thing!! It’s time to turn on your best: Party planking, it is Saturday after all!

17 Oct - We are over halfway. Let's shout out to all those Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plankers! Have you earned an award yet?

20 Oct - Calling all super heroes, princesses, fashionistas and bogans, why not don a cape or your best dressed outfit and show us who you really are! 

24 Oct - So, who needs a Sunday night in? Yep, you guessed it. It’s time for a bit of: Pyjama planking

26 Oct - We are so close! 

27 Oct - 4 planks left!! Have you smashed your targets yets??  Remember why you started in the first place. 

30 Oct - Last call for donations for #planktober - it’s never too late and just like every minute counts, so too does everybody! You got this - don’t give up now!! 

31 Oct - Last plank - this one’s completely up to you, You’ve earned the right to plank as you please! But there is a proviso, please show us how you’ve celebrated your last plank! Halloween style perhaps? Or pumpkin planking? This could get interesting! 


1 Nov - Happy November, donations remain open/have been extended. We think you are all PLANKTASTIC!!

2 Nov - Huge shout out for all of our plankers and their donors for participating. We can’t wait to share the final numbers with you. Time to rally and bring in those final pledges.  

14 Nov - Top fundraisers announced