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What is Planktober?

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Get ready for PLANKTOBER, brought to you by the awesome Touched by Olivia Foundation. It's all about bringing the gang together and making a big, positive impact that'll stick around. So, here's the scoop: the money we collect is gonna help us set up something seriously cool – a social enterprise cafe and a community hangout spot called The LIVVIng Room. Picture it: Five Dock, Sydney, a place where magic happens.

Now, PLANKTOBER isn't just another ordinary thing. It's like fun with a purpose, you know? It's your chance to show some love and support for a more inclusive world. And guess what? Joining the fun is a piece of cake. Just sign up, commit to doing some planks (or maybe some push-ups or squats – your choice!), and set up your own fundraising page. Who knows, you might even raise some cash while you're at it. Let's make this October a month to remember! ??‍???

What do I have to do?

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Hey, listen up – you've got some choices here! You can hop on board solo, get the family involved, or even rally up a whole team. It's your call! And guess what? You're not just in it for the fun – you're also gonna set a target based on how many minutes you wanna rock those planks.

Now, here's the cool part: you're the boss of your fundraising game. You'll go out and find sponsors and donations all on your own. Let's say you're aiming for 5 minutes of plank action every day in October. But here's the twist – how you tackle those 5 minutes is totally up to you. You can go all-in at once, or spread it out throughout the day – whatever floats your boat!

Oh, and hold on tight – we've got some surprises for you. We're tossing in some weekly challenges and sweet incentives to keep things exciting. Let's turn up the heat and keep that motivation burning! ???‍??

When does Planktober start and finish?

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Planktober starts on the 1st of October and ends on the 31st of October.

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I'm a Saint Ignatius' College Riverview student, where do I register?

That's great you're taking part in PLANKTOBER with Saint Ignatius' College! Please click here to visit the teams page, you should be able to locate your house team, click on the Crest, and then click the JOIN US button.  This will take you to the registration page for your house.   If you already have an account, you can simply log in and get registered for this year's event, but be sure to join your house team in the process!  We suggest that you do this on your laptop as other mobile devices may not have the functionality displayed for you to register as required.  

When do registrations close?

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You can register any time up to 31 October.  Every minute counts so don't worry if you can't do the whole month or simply choose to do part of the month.  We just love that you've chosen to plank for our cause!  

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Can our school/class/groups register for Planktober?

Yes, you absolutely can!! Any group can register as an organisation with one or more teams set up under that organisation, or you can set up your organisation as the team.  It's really up to you and how we can get more people planking and having more fun!! And just because you’ve entered a team, doesn’t mean you can’t also register as an individual. Why not plank more and get the benefits!  There are options to select as part of the registration process which allow you to set up an organisiation, a team, or as an individual.   Simply follow the top menu which gives you options to register, which once clicked will give you the option to set up as an organisation, as a teams, or as an individual.  Of course, if navigating the digi world is a bit challenging and you'd rather send your energy planking, give us a holler and we can do the set up for you.  

How much does it cost to register for Planktober?

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Registration is FREE! There are no costs to register!!! 

Where does all the money raised go?

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Okay, here's the scoop: Planktober isn't your run-of-the-mill fundraiser. It's like this cool movement led by the awesome humans at Touched by Olivia. They're on a mission to make big changes with "The LIVVINg Room," a super cool cafe and hangout spot planned for construction in 2024 in Five Dock, Sydney. And guess what? This place isn't just any cafe. It's all about creating work for awesome people with disabilities – the first cafe of its kind in the community.

But wait, there's more! The LIVVINg Room won't just be a cafe; it's a place where everyone can come together, connect, and be part of some cool community programs.  

Yep, you guessed it.  It’s going to be a spanking new social enterprise.  

When will you announce the winners?

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There will be weekly challenges, and we will announce the winner on our social media and via email, as well as directly contacting the winners. Winners for the most fundraised will be announced in November once it is all collected and finalised and will be posted on our social media, email subscription and our Planktober website.

Will I receive a certificate of completion or any awards?

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You will receive an electronic certificate of completion. And to keep you motivated throughout the campaign we have awards to recognise your achievements. You could aim as high as the sky and be crowned a platinum planker. Check out the goals you could set for each of the awards on the website.

How fit do I need to be to take part?

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Hey, we're all about making sure everyone can join in the fun, no matter your fitness level. We're not here to push you to the limit, but we do want you to give it your best shot. Planking isn't just about one way – there are loads of cool variations to keep things interesting. So, no flanking allowed!

Picture this: you can plank on your knees or maybe give a vertical plank against a wall a shot. Trust us, every type of plank counts! And here's a neat trick: switch things up by playing around with how long you plank and how long you rest between sets. You can go for a whole minute or even just 30 seconds – it's up to you!

Now, here's the deal: if you're feeling unsure, it's always a good idea to chat with a health pro before diving in. And if you're wondering where to start, aiming for a 30-second plank without stopping is a solid goal. If that's a bit tough right now, no worries – a little bit of pre-season training can totally help. And hey, if planking isn't your thing, you can always switch it up with sit-ups, crunches, or even mountain climbers. Let's have some fun and get moving! ???‍???‍??

I’m under 18, can I participate?

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YES YES and YES you can participate however you will need to ask you parent/guardian to help you set up your registration and get you started.

Teams/work places

Hey there, all you plank-tastic teams out there! Listen up – it's time to round up your crew, pick a Team Captain, and jump right into the Planktober action. We're going all in and we want to see as many folks planking as possible. Seriously, the sky's the limit!

Teams are where it's at – they're like your super glue to staying connected, especially if you're still doing that work-from-home thing. You can even plank together over Zoom or make it a plank o'clock routine in your day.

Now, here's the kicker: planking in sync is like a double dose of fun. So, go ahead and rally up your work pals for a wild October plank party. And you know what's extra cool? You can challenge other teams from your workplace and stir up some friendly competition. Who's got the ultimate planking skills? Show 'em what you've got!

Ready to dive in? Registering your team is a piece of cake, and then you just need to pick your plankers. We'll shoot over an email link to get you started – or should we say, planked? From there, it's time to kick that fundraising engine into gear. Start by donating to yourself and then reach out to your fam and friends to sponsor you. Remember, our big collective goal is to raise money and build this groovy new happening cafe. The more plankers, the closer we get. Let's make it happen! ???‍???

How do I create a team?

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Alright, here's the lowdown when you're signing up for Planktober: Look out for the TEAM option – that's the one you wanna hit. Once you're in, you get to give your squad a sweet name, add in as many buddies as you want, and toss in their deets too. And don't forget – make sure you've got a superstar Team Captain.

Now, here's where the magic happens: every team member will get a link sent their way. That's how they can lock in their official spot on the team. So, here's a tip – it's a smart move to get your team all set up ahead of time. Figure out who's on board and make sure you've got a snazzy name ready to roll. Who knows, you might even snag a spot on the leaderboard – that's the dream!

Oh, and don't sweat it if more peeps wanna hop on your team train later. Anyone can join up anytime – all they gotta do is look up your awesome team name when they're signing up. Let's get that team spirit soaring! ??‍???

How do I join a team?

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Here's the deal: if you wanna jump on a team, just track down the team captain and give 'em a holler. Once they've got you in their sights, they'll shoot you an email link. That's your golden ticket to officially sign up and be part of the team action.

Or, if you're already in the know and have your team name locked in, it's a cinch. Click that registration button and give your team name a quick search. From there, just follow the simple steps and you'll be part of the team in no time. Easy-peasy, right? Let's get you in on the fun! ??

What is the maximum team size?

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There is no limit to your team size. Grab your sports club, your school, your work mates, whatever works for you. Of course, you may want to set up team challenges to get some friendly rivalry so feel free to work these groups into separate teams to maximise the fun!


Do I have to fundraise?

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Hey, here's the deal – we're all about giving you choices. If you're up for it, awesome! But if not, no worries – there are other ways to spread the word. We totally get it.

Now, if you're feeling the vibes and wanna take the plunge, you're basically becoming the community's superhero. Those funds you raise? They'll work their magic in local communities, creating spaces where inclusion, connections, and that awesome sense of belonging all come to life. It's like being part of something super special. So, it's totally your call, and we're here for you either way! ??‍??

How can I fundraise more?

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Here are our top 5 fundraising tips, and trust us, they're like gold:

1. First up, set a goal that'll make your heart race. Keep pushing for it and even aim higher – you've got this! Sharing your target could light a fire under your friends to join in and lend a hand.

2. Ready for a little self-love? Donate to yourself to kick things off. It's like giving yourself a high-five and showing others that you're all in. Plus, it's been proven – self-supporters tend to get more support from others. And hey, that keeps you on track, too!

3. Time to spread the word like a pro. Use those nifty Share links while you're signing up. Blast the news about your Planktober mission on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – you name it. Let everyone in on why you're diving into Planktober, and don't forget to tag us or toss in #Planktober to make it all official.

4. Round up your squad – pals, fam, gym buddies, coworkers, anyone up for a challenge. Team up and tackle those fundraising goals together. It's like a party where everyone's a winner!

5. Last but not least, give a shout-out to your awesome supporters. A simple thank-you goes a long way. Whether it's on social media, in an email, or just a chat, your gratitude can inspire more people to jump in and donate. Let's spread that love! ???

Can I donate without planking?

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Hey, listen up – we totally get it. Not everyone's a fan of the core workout vibes, and that's completely cool. If planking's not your jam, no worries at all. You can still be a total rockstar by making a donation, and trust us, we're super grateful for your support! Cheers to you! ???

When do donations close?

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Heads up, donation time will keep going until November rolls around. So, don't stress – you've got a bit of time to wrap things up and gather as much support as you can even after October's over. Keep that donation train chugging along! ???

How do I get sponsors?

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So, you're wondering how to snag some sponsors, huh? Easy peasy! When you sign up, you'll have this cool chance to spread the word and invite your crew (yeah, spam 'em with all the good stuff!) to pitch in some sponsorship cash. And guess what? You've got a couple of options – you can shoot out emails with the link to this page, or just give your social media a little love. It's like a win-win – more folks get on board, and you collect those donations.

Pro tip: the sooner you start asking, the better. Think about hitting up your pals, family, coworkers, gym buddies, and anyone else you know. Oh, and don't forget your sports teams, business contacts, and even your suppliers and clients. Seriously, the more, the merrier! Let's make it rain support! ???

Is my donation tax deductible?

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If you are donating from within Australia, then you bet it is!! $2 and over is 100% tax deductible.


Planking is not my jam, so are there alternatives?

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We totally get it – planking might not be everyone's cup of tea. No sweat, though! If you're looking for some other ways to work that core, we've got you covered. Just head over to the RESOURCES section, and look for the PLANK ALTERNATIVES. There, you'll find all sorts of different exercises, the right way to do 'em, and some handy tips to keep you on track. Let's find the perfect fit for you! ???‍???

Why planking?

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Why planking, you ask? Well, it might sound like a month-long workout party, but we promise there's some method to the madness. Here's why you might just wanna hop on the plank train:

1. **Total Body Workout:** Planks are like the Swiss Army knife of exercises. They target your abs, back, shoulders, arms, and even give your legs some love.

2. **Anywhere, Anytime:** You're not chained to the gym. Planks can happen anywhere – your living room, kitchen, office, or your favorite local park. No fancy equipment needed – just you and the floor.

3. **Body and Mind Love It:** Trust us, your body's a fan of planks. And guess what? Your mind's on board too. Quick results? Check. So, make sure to snap a before-and-after pic – you're gonna love the change!

4. **Variety Galore:** Feeling like switching things up? We've got you covered. Planks come in all shapes and sizes. Need a challenge? We've got tougher options. Wanna take it easy? We've got that too. It's like a planking buffet!

So, why not dive in, give it a shot, and see how your body and mind thank you? Plank on, my friend! ?‍????

Do I have to do 5 minutes at a time?

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Wait up, do I have to plank for a full 5 minutes every single time? Hold on there, superstar! But seriously, it's all about finding your groove. You do you! We're not expecting everyone to be in the 5-minute club – that's for the fitness enthusiasts (yeah, we're looking at you, superstars!).

Here's the scoop: your goal is to hit 5 minutes total per day. And guess what? You can totally break that down into bite-sized chunks. Let's say you're all about that morning hustle – do a minute. Lunch break rolls around – another minute. Lounging on the couch – yup, a minute there too. You catch our drift, right?

Or, if you're feeling spunky, go for two 30-second planks with a breather in between. And hey, if you're up for a challenge, just power through and tackle that 5-minute plank in one shot. The choice is yours, my friend. It's all about what works best for your groove! ???

What happens if I miss a day?

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So, let's say life gets a bit wild and you miss a day – no biggie! We totally get it, you've got those busy times and those cozy Netflix days (especially when winter hits, right?). Here's the scoop: don't stress. You've got options.

Best case scenario? Play catch-up! Maybe hit the plank party a bit harder tomorrow or sneak those minutes in over the next few days. It's like making up for lost time, and we're all about that.

But here's the magic number: by the end of the month, make sure you've rocked a total of 155 minutes of planking. That's 5 minutes per day, all adding up to a super impressive achievement. So, don't sweat the small stuff – you've got this, whether you're planking today, tomorrow, or whenever fits your groove! ???‍???

How should I time/track my planking?

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Okay, here's the deal on keeping tabs on your planking game. You've got some cool options – grab a stopwatch, use those nifty fitness apps like Nike, Strava, Fitbit, Under Armour, or even just a regular ol' watch.

Now, check out your dashboard – it's like your command center. There's this neat button waiting for you to upload your planking minutes. After each epic plank session, hit that button so we can keep track of your amazing progress. Plus, it's how we'll make sure you shine on the leaderboard! So, no forgetting, okay? Let's get that plank time rolling! ???‍???

I have injured myself, what should I do?

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Uh-oh, if you find yourself nursing an injury, here's the deal: hit the brakes and chat with a pro. We're talking about a health wizard who knows their stuff. They'll guide you on what's best for your situation.

And guess what? If planking's a no-go, there's a silver lining. You can totally switch things up. Think sit-ups, mountain climbers – there are options, my friend. Your health pro will help you find the right path. Safety first, always! ???