Susan Makatoa

I'm fundraising for a great cause!

As a Board Member, I’m helping Touched by Olivia raise much funds for community spaces by getting my PLANK on during the month of October. These “Living Rooms” will provide places for community groups and charities to use, share and connect. COVID has shown us the value of community and helping each other out.

Community is CORE and everybody counts and that is why I am planking for three minutes a day for 31 days. This is a mighty challenge for me after five kids (abs? What abs?) but I’m determined to do it. My gorgeous kids are up for it too.

I love that Touched by Olivia is a charity that works with other charities to amplify the social impact to support more people across more communities.

By expanding the opportunities afforded to people through social enterprise cafes and activated community hubs, Touched by Olivia can lead the way in reducing the factors that lead to social isolation. By giving people a sense of belonging and purpose, together we can reduce the crippling impacts felt through the rising incidence of mental health issues, anxiety, depression, loneliness and even suicide.

So, please help support me by sponsoring my planking minutes in the month of October and together we can build the CORE back and grow this social movement of driving community connections where EVERYBODY COUNTS!

100% of your donation goes to the cause. That’s right, no nasty overheads are taken out! And it’s completely tax deductible. What a WIN WIN! Together we can show that community is CORE and our social impact will create lasting positive changes for EVERYBODY!

If you would like to find out a bit more about the work of Touched By Olivia Foundation visit

Please consider making a donation through my page. 

Together we can make a difference!

Thanks for your support - it really counts and I'm truly grateful.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Susan Makatoa


Leah Endicott

ohhhh neighbour, I like you style! Here is a donation for a worthy cause and I think I am for a challenge, I am going to try and plank daily as well, I forgot what abs were 😉 thanks for the inspiration as usual.


Leigh Mcclusky

Go hard, plank well!!!! X



Rather you than me!


Amy Carr O'meara

Plank hard and long my friend :)


Agatha Gomes


Judy Redden

Well done Susie


Azyadee Baka

Great initiative !



Places for people to come together is such a great idea. I'll plank to that. You've got this.


Clara Hinds

Great initiative! Looking forward to seeing the video evidence. You've got this!


Simone Esamie

Great cause Susan. Plank on!


Lynnette Edmonds

Go Susan! You'll have abs of steel at the end!


Michael Redden

Great initiative Susie.


Ksenya B


Allison Comerford

You've got this xx



Hold tight!


Jason Cox

Way to go. I'll watch every day, and will have to get back to it. Core strength is key to reducing back pain.


Chris Pickering


Linda Kingsley

You go girl! Might even join you.


Vanessa Liell

Fabulous- love the journey and great cause.


Kristy Dawson

what can i say...ylu continue to inspire me every got this xxx


Robyn Sefiani

Go the planking Susan - great cause!


Jo Osorio


Bella Cheung

All the best Suse x


Andrew Quinn


Rosemary Redden


Rus Baldock

Fabulous thing to do!


Mellissa Lam

Awesome stuff! All the best from the Lam’s xox


Merrillie Redden

Goodluck from us, sorry would have done more but already donate fortnightly. xx


Laura Cario


Emma Graham

Super impressive, and an amazing cause!


Elissa Chapman

Goodluck with the challenge 👍🏻