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"In a world where the social fabric seems to be rapidly fraying, the economy is uncertain and the future of the planet is at risk, is there a better way to hit the reset button than to come back to the neighbourhood level and begin to genuinely rely on one another." Amanda Abrams

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The philosophy that drives our Ignatian Service Program is to enable our students to engage in activities that serve the hearts, minds and mouths of the marginalised.   That’s why this October we’ve partnered with Touched by Olivia Foundation for the #Planktober challenge!

Our 16 Houses and Regis students have been invited to participate in Planktober as an inter-house Challenge.  With COVID-19 restricting many of our Ignatian Service activities, we are offering Planktober as a opportunity for our students to reflect upon what community means to them and how they can play a part in helping create a more inclusive society.  By building their CORE, they too can support the core of the community around them as all funds raised will go to Touched by Olivia's project called "The LIVVIng Room" at Five Dock, Sydney.

This is where Touched by Olivia operates a social enterprise cafe called Livvi's Cafe, where some of our students have been placed to undertake their work experience requirements.  The LIVVIng Room will see an expansion of Livvi's Cafe so more students, particularly those living with a disability, can undertake meaningful work experience and training.  The expansion will also deliver a community hub that will be supported by programs and activities aimed at improving the well-being of people within the community.

For over a decade TBO has been changing lives by bringing communities together through play through the creation of over 40 Livvi’s Place inclusive playgrounds nationally. With its work now extending through to the creation of inclusive communities across a spectrum of ages, abilities, cultures and challenges, we are proud to be supporting its next chapter in bringing The LIVVIng Room to life where everybody counts!

Thanks to the funds raised during the #Planktober event, Touched by Olivia was able to progress with the concept design of The LIVVIng Room in partnership with the City of Canada Bay Council.  The concepts have undergone intensive community consultation and once the report is finalised the development application stage can commence.  Click here to read more about The LIVVIng Room and check out the design below.


Check out this design!!   We can really start to visualise a thriving social enterprise cafe and the community coming together to support each other live better lives!  It's all about connection and bringing back belonging at a grass roots, community level.  Imagine how many more Riverview students will now get the opportunity to train at this facility as part of their Inclusion Program work experience!    This could be the start of a wonderful career for those students interested in pursuing an interest in hospitaltiy!


We recognise that now more than ever it is essential to get active and stay connected with each other, and our communities.

As part of #Planktober, our students will be competing in their House and class teams in a house versus house, homeroom v homeroom challenge.

So there's no time to waste!  Students are asked to register with their House by 1 0ctober and get as many sponsored planking minutes tallied to not only support their House, but also to support a very worthy cause!  

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